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This is a story I have never told on my blog and I just remembered it. Kelly and I were talking on our ride home from Edwardsville and something made me remember this story.

I had just gone through a traumatic experience I won’t go into what happen but those who know me well will know what I am talking about.

I was at the Wal-Mart in Baraboo and I was sitting on a bench at the front of the store. I am not sure how I got there or what happened while I was on the bench I only know what the people at the store told one of my church member’s and they told me.

From what I was told I had been sitting on the bench for about two hours and one of the Wal-Mart workers thought something was wrong so she came over to talk to me and I wasn’t making any sense. She went back to her supervisor and told her and someone who worked there knew who I was and said she knew someone from my church. They called them and they came and got me and took me home. While I was at home the person who picked me up talked to me and tried to find out what happened but I didn’t know as I couldn’t remember anything and I didn’t know how I got there. They noticed the van I used was not at the house and when I finally realized where I was and who I was we went back to the Wal-Mart and looked for the van. We found it parked in the parking lot and the keys were in my pocket.

I drove home and they tried to talk me into going to the hospital or a doctor but I told them I felt okay and I was going to sleep on it and if I felt anything I would go see my doctor.

The next day everything was fine and all was good except I couldn’t remember the two hours that I lost. I chucked it up to stress that I was going through at the time.

Nothing like that ever happened again and so I never really talked about it to anyone. The person from the church that came after me was nice and never told anyone as far as I know. I had asked them to not say anything to anyone.

Kelly was concerned about it but said that the stress I was going through could have caused my mind to shut down for a while and that was probably what happened.

In retrospect it probably would have been better that I went to my doctor and had a check-up. If you ever have an episode like this I suggest you go see a doctor and not let it go. Mine was probably stress but it could have been something else that could have been serious.

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