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What Causes Loneliness

I was thinking about this subject and I thought I would try to cover it in my blog.

First off you can be in a crowd and still be lonely. I have known people from all walks of life and many of them had lots of people around them but they were still lonely. Why is that?

First I think we need to like ourselves if we want to conquer loneliness. If you are unhappy with yourself you won’t be happy with those around you.

The people who are never lonely love to share the love they have with others. They don’t want others to make them happy to conquer loneliness they share their love with others and it helps them overcome the loneliness.

We must surround ourselves with people and if we will share our love with others it will cure the loneliness in our life. The reason we are lonely is we feel sorry for ourself and the more we do that the worse it gets.

We have to build up people not tear them down. Encourage them and challenge them, don’t tell them that they aren’t worthy. Tell them all the good things about themselves and make them feel important.

People don’t like to be around people who are always negative. Don’t be critical and discouraging. Your criticism of others will bring you down and you will be as lonely as they are.

People enjoy being around others who are positive and uplifting and if you put forth this type of life it will affect your life as well.

I hope this has been a help to my readers on the blog.

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