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Attack On Andy Stanley

The other day I dropped in on a forum I visit from time to time and many of those posting on there were having a cut session on several different big name Pastors’. I am not going to name them because I don’t really want to make it worse than it is. From their conversations that were going on they; were talking about one sermon none of them had heard preached. Someone had done a review of the sermon and these people had not heard the sermon but only read the review.

I guess they took the review as the gospel truth and they agreed with the author and used it to bash the preacher. Attacking his viewpoints which I don’t believe were his. Because the author of the review made it look like he was teaching some false doctrine these people on this forum were just bashing him right and left. They didn’t hear his sermon and they were just taking the word of the author of the review.

I have preached about some things that I don’t believe but I used it to instruct my church. Had someone wrote a review on my sermon they might have done the same thing to me.

Over the years of my life I have disagreed with some preachers’ but I have never spent time trying to destroy their ministry or testimony. Usually I would go to them and share my concern or write a letter to them and ask them about what I heard them say. I never read reviews and take them a face value.

I hope that you will learn from this and not fall into the same thing that these people did on the forum I was reading. We need to be careful and verify the things we read.

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