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What is more important?

Someone asked me the other day which is more important, praying or reading your Bible?  So in order to answer this question we have to ask ourselves what are the differences in the two things.

Praying is when you talk to God.  God wants you to talk to Him and he wants to hear your prayers and requests.  It is important that you talk to Him and make your requests known.  It is important that you pray and express your thanks for what He does for you.  Praying is also a way you can fellowship with God.  God wants to fellowship with you.

Now reading your Bible is important too.  Reading your Bible is God talking to you.  What do you think is more important, what you have to say to God or what God has to say to you?  God has some important messages for us and it is important that we search the Bible for the messages He has for us.  If you are just praying and not reading your Bible you are having a one way conversation with God and you are doing all the talking.  You need to do some listening as He has a special message for you.

So by now you should know the answer to the question.  What is more important, God talking to you or you talking to God?  God talking to you so read your Bible and hear what He is saying to you.

Balance your praying with reading your Bible and you can have a two way conversation with God.

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