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My Car Selling Experience

Kelly and I decided to sell the Pacifica and so she listed it on Facebook.  We didn’t get a lot of interested people like we thought and so we were thinking about reducing the price a bit.

Then she got someone who was interested and he asked a lot of questions and she suggested he call me.  He called and wanted more pictures of under the car and the tires and such. I sent them to him and then he wanted to come and see it.  He was coming about an hour away and so we set up a time.

When he arrived they checked the inside of the car out completely and then they took it for a drive.  When he got back he wanted to look under the car and so I told him that was okay and he jacked the car up and then he was changing the tires around.  Putting the front tires on the back.  After about two hours he wanted to take it for another drive and then after a long drive we came home.  He spent about another 20 minutes telling me everything that was wrong with it.  By the time he got done I wondered if I should take it to the junk yard.

Finally he made an offer which was really a great deal less than we were asking.  He explained all the stuff that need to be fixed made the car worth less.  I finally told him what we would take and they talked for about 15 minutes and then he said they would take it.  After they left the total time he spent looking at the car was almost 4 hours.  I have never sold a car and had them take so long at looking at the car and test driving it.

He wanted to take it to a big parking lot and do some other tests but when we came back from second test drive I told him we need to decide what they wanted to do.

Have you ever sold a car and gone through this type of situation?  This was new to me.  I know you want to check car out but this was very different.

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