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Bugs & Frogs

This summer I have been taking care of the girls.  Some days I keep them all day and do things with them and other days I take them to the boys and girls club and pick them up later in the day and do things with them.

One of the activities I do with them is let them swim in the pool.  Since their trip to Florida, Khelienah seems to be more concerned about bugs in the pool.  Now she won’t get in the pool until every dead bug is removed.  Before I had to fight with her to not get in the pool before I did.  So I cleaned all the bugs out and she keeps finding more and I get them all out before she will go in.

The other day the two girls saw a frog on the pool deck and they chased it and it jumping into the pool.  I got my net and was going to catch it and get it out because the chemicals will kill the frog.  Before I could catch the frog Jocelynn jumped in and went to the bottom and grabbed the frog and we put it back in the yard.  Then Khelienah went out in the yard and brought it back up on the deck.  I told her she needed to let it go and get away from the water before it died.  It jumped in the water again and Jocelynn jumped in and went to the bottom and got it again.  This time I made sure it got put in the yard and it got away.

They love frogs and critters but certain bugs she just doesn’t like.  Mostly dead one as she works hard to save the ones that are alive.  They are so fickle and it seems one day it is this and the next day it is something else.

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