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Do You Have To Be Paid Or Bribed To Do The Right Thing?

The other day I saw a post on the internet offering money to do the right thing. Do you have to be paid or bribed to do the right thing?

I see it all the time people have to be bribed or given money to do what is right. An example is when someone sees an accident and they know it is right that they tell the truth about what they saw. But then in order to get their witness of the accident they want money. They shouldn’t have to be paid money in order to tell the truth. I don’t see anything wrong with someone giving a reward after someone has done the right thing.

I heard a story the other day about someone who had taken a desk to a Goodwill and when they were cleaning the desk out they found an envelope with money hidden under the drawer and so they contacted the owner. That was the right thing to do. In turn the owner gave them a reward. I think that is what is called rewarding the person who has been honest. When the person called the owner, they didn’t say they wanted a reward the reward was given after they proved their honesty.

The example I was going to share was about a lost dog. The person who found the dog was not going to return the dog unless they got a reward. What they needed to do was, do the right thing and if they wanted to reward you fine and if they don’t fine.

So how about you? If you find a purse or wallet with money in it, are you going to try to find the owner and give it back or do you expect a reward? I would love to hear you input on this.

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