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Day I Got Busted For Selling Drugs

Back when Kelly was working as a home health nurse… that seems like forever.  I had an incident that I will never forget.  I don’t remember why but I was going to ride with Kelly on her visits.  I did that once in a while and I would wait in the car.  This was a mild day and so I could sit in the car and not die of heat stroke.

I forgot who it was but I had a letter that I had written the day before and I had put it in the front window on my dashboard so I would not forget to mail it.

When we got to Kelly’s first visit I rolled the window down and reclined my seat.  I thought I would take a short nap while I waited for her on this visit.

As I was sitting there I saw a couple of people walk by but they didn’t say anything they just walked on by.

I had almost fell asleep when all of a sudden I woke up and my car was surrounded by police.  A police officer had his gun drawn and was pointing it at me and said don’t move.  He directed me to put my hand on the steering wheel very slowly.  I put my hands on the wheel and I ask him what I had done.  He indicated that I was seen selling drugs.  I told him I had no drugs in the car that I was just waiting for my wife

He said that he needed me to slowly pick up the envelope of drugs that was in my window.  I told him it was just a letter.  At this time I forget to who it was.  I handed it to him and he checked it out and then put his gun away.  He apologized and said they got a call that a man was selling drugs out of a car in front of their house.  He gave me the letter back and told me how sorry he was for the mistake.

When Kelly got back in the car I told her what happened and she laughed.  I told her that it wasn’t funny.  She told me that the neighborhood we were in was not the best neighborhood in the area and that drug dealers sell drugs from their cars around there all the time.

Needless to say I went and mailed the letter I didn’t want another incident to happen.

I have another story that happened on my birthday when I was riding with her later that same year.  I had forgotten about it until now when I just wrote this one.  Check back and I will share it with you.

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