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Check This Out, The i phone X

Kelly and I got new I Phone’s and we got the latest one the I Phone X.  It is really nice but it is expensive.  It opens with my face instead of a password.  The password is a backup and I can use it too.

I don’t have to open each app now I can do it with my face.  It makes it easier to use and I can get into my apps quicker now.

I really didn’t want to upgrade but my old phone the battery was dying so quickly and I wanted a phone that had a better battery.  The new one the battery lasts longer and I can do more stuff with it.  The camera is like having a photography studio.

I am very glad I upgraded to the new I Phone X and it is working very well for me and Kelly.

On a note not having anything to do with the I Phone X… I got my Father’s Day gift early.  Kelly bought me a new gas weed eater.  She also got me my birthday present early and I love it.  It is a cordless drill and it is really powerful.  I really love it and I have already been making use of it

Well, I hope you have a great day and I will be looking for you tomorrow.

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