Circus World Museum

When I lived in Baraboo we bought season passes to the Circus World Museum as it was always a nice get away when things got bored.

Many times we saw the same circus acts but we enjoyed them over and over.   I loved looking at the circus wagons and talking with “Happy” the clown.  I always liked it the years they had the magic show as It always kept my attention.

The show was always the same but because of things that happened such as visitors and such it was a bit different.  They always put on a great show under the Big Top.

Even though I knew Baraboo up and down I still loved riding the Trolley and hearing about the history of the Ringling Brothers.  Some of the people from Baraboo got tired of it but I never got tired of it.  After Kelly and I got married I took the kids up for a day at the circus when we went up there for vacation.

I always loved stopping in so see Clyde & Eileen Martz.  They were great friends and we are still friends to this day.  When I was a Pastor in Baraboo they were members of the church I was a Pastor at.

The last time I went up there things have really changed.  I lived up there for almost 16 years and so I knew my way around town but the last time I went up things had changed a great deal.  The house where I lived on 7th Avenue was almost unrecognizable.  The house I lived on 9th Street was about the same but many new stores came in and new restaurants and gas stations.

The Circus World Museum also changed but they still had many of the same buildings. If you ever want to take a vacation and you want someplace to take the kids Baraboo and Wisconsin Dells is a great vacation destination.

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