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So let me ask you a question. Do you have to build trust ordo you just trust someone as soon as you meet them? What I mean is do you just trust someone as soon as you meet them or is it something they have to earn?

How long does it take you to be able to trust someone? Do you loan your car to someone you have only known a few days or weeks? Do you give someone the key to you house to someone you barely know? How long does it take for you to build trust in someone?

What about your children? Do you allow strangers you barely know, watch them?

I know when I met Kelly we dated for a long time before she ever let me around her children. I did my best to earn her trust and didn’t ask her to trust me I just proved to her that I could be trusted.

I think some people are too trusting and then they wonder why they get burnt. People meet on Facebook and because they are friends with someone they know they just assume they can be trusted. Then later down the line when that person takes advantage of their good nature they just don’t understand it.

That is how con artist work. The pretend to be your friend and they act trustworthy and many times people start trusting them to soon.

Then the con artist talks you into doing something you know you shouldn’t do and because you think you can trust them to do what they want.

Men who take advantage of young teenage girls are like this. They make them think that they can be trusted and because they are young they are too trusting and they start trusting someone before they have really proved themselves.

I knew a con man who did work on people’s houses. He was really slick because he always won their trust within a few minutes and after he got their money he was gone. His target was seniors as they were easy to win their trust.

Next time you place your trust in someone you need to realize that five minutes or a couple of days is not enough time. Before you fall prey to their sly con you need to know that they can really be trusted. Note: If they can’t be trusted with the small things then for sure they can’t be trusted with the big things. Think before you act!!

Well, that is just my thoughts on this subject. So think about it!

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