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Bad News

I got an email from a former member of my Church in Baraboo. His son died from complications in surgery. His son was sick almost the entire time he was in Baraboo and I felt for him. My prayers go up today for him. I hope you will pray for him today too.

The other day I was out riding my scooter and I took a long ride and I was getting ready to come back and as I was turning around the trunk on my scooter flew off. It really scared me but I was glad nobody got hurt and that nobody was behind me when it flew off. I went and picked it up and put it between my feet until I got home. When I checked it when I got home it was cracked and so it won’t be fixable. The deductible on my insurance is more than what is is worth so I don’t think I will be replacing it.

Amid all the bad news there is good news. Jesus died for your sins and if you will accept Him as your Savior He will give you eternal life. Don’t wait until it is too late, except Him now.

Well, I hope your day is going well and I look forward to the coming weeks with the weather warming up I am sure we can expect some good things to happen.

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