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As many of you know Kelly and I have taken in several birds that have been mistreated and then we bought a few of our own from Wholesale Bird & Cage. We love our birds and at one time we had over 25 birds and about a year ago we cut back to 9 birds. It was getting harder for me to take care of the birds and Kelly wasn’t having as much time to help because of her work.

We have to take the birds in every so often to get their wings and nails trimmed and now we can only bring so many birds at a time to be trimmed and so it makes it harder for us to take proper care of all the birds. Because of Kelly's work and now not having as much time we are finding it harder and harder to properly care for all the birds. After a long struggle we decided we would cut back to, two birds. This was a very hard decision as we love all of our birds. Many of them we fed from babies and so they are very dear to us but we know that we cannot give them all time we need to, so we are cutting back.

The tough job is finding good homes for all the birds. The types of birds we have are exotic birds and so they are a little harder to care for so finding the right person to take them is harder. We have Macaw’s and Cockatoo's and so we have to find someone who will take good care of them.

So you can help us a couple of ways. One thing you can do is you can pray for us as we seek people who will make good homes for our birds. Another thing you can do is if you know someone that is looking for a bird, you can put them in touch with us.

This was not an easy decision to make but we had to make it so keep us in your prayers.

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