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Things Not To Discuss

There are subjects that we avoid when talking to certain people.  The reason we do this is because we do not want to upset the applecart.  Those subjects are politics, religion, & sex.

Let’s get that last one out of the way.  Sex is really not a subject we should be talking about with other people anyway.  It is a personal activity and should be kept between a husband and wife.  So that shouldn’t be a problem not talking about it with friends.

The next one is politics and that one can cause a world of problems if you are discussing it with people who do not agree with your point of view.  Recently I heard of two close friends who never talked politics, religion or sex but one day one of the friends was so bitter about Trump he started making some really stupid comments.  In the end that friendship ended because of the stupid remarks.

Now before you say if they were good friends they ought to agree to disagree.  I agree with you but it didn’t work out that way because not only did he bring up politics he brought up sex and went on a crazy discourse and made some really stupid remarks that were very hurtful.  It was so hurtful that the so call friend attacked the other friend and their friend’s.  He went so far as to attack their religious beliefs as well.  It ended the friendship and that was very sad.

People have strong beliefs and when we push them beyond where we should it can cause a problem.  Kelly and I know someone we are close to and we never discuss politics with her because she would vote for the devil before she would support a candidate that we like.  So we had a very good relationship until her death because we didn’t talk about politics.

Religion is also a touchy subject and can cause problems between friends.  Do you need to avoid this subject?  I feel you can push a person so far and then you push them the wrong way.  Every person ought to be told about the saving grace of Jesus Christ but we must be careful to not push people away from Christ.  I know on many occasions people I knew would have avoided me if I had tried to push religion down their throats.  What I chose to do was live what I believed and wait for God to open the opportunity to bring it up.  God did and when I shared the gospel they were open to the message and accepted Christ as their Savior.

I hope this has been a help to you.  It is just my personal opinion but I hope it can help you preserve some friendships.

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