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Father's Day Is Coming

I got to thinking about Father’s Day coming up and since I don’t write on my blog on Sunday I thought I would write something today.

Father’s Day is always hard for me because it was on Father’s Day that we lost Josh’s in a boating accident. It is always hard for me to get it out of my head. The night was a long night as we got the call very early on Father’s Day that they couldn’t find Josh. A storm had just blown over and we didn’t know that Josh and his friends’ were out on a boat at his father-in-law’s.

The storm was a quick one and they were out on Josh’s father-in-law’s pontoon boat and the storm whipped up and caught them off guard. The chairs were blown off the boat and Josh and two other friends jumped off to get them. Only two of his friends were found.

Later when they couldn’t find us they called us and we went out to the lake where they had been out on the boat. A search and rescue team was out searching for him and the sheriff’s department was questioning all those who were on the boat.

When we got there they talked to us and then about 20 minutes later thery said they had found him and the sheriff took us to where he was. It was so hard for all of us when we saw his lifeless body lying there.

Kelly and I as well as all the other people were grief striken. Sometimes it seems like a dream but the problem is we never wake up from the dream.

We miss Josh but we know where he is as he accept Christ as his savior earlier in his life. We are thankful for that.

We will always remember Josh on Father’s Day and we will remember where he is.

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