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I wonder at times if people read my blog entirely or if they read until they lose interest. Here is an example… the other day I got an email from someone who half read my blog post. (Kind of like the guy in the commercial with the half washed shirt.) They thought they had enough information to comment on my post. They wrote me a very nice e-mail and I did appreciate it but I could tell from their email that they didn’t read the entire blog post.

I must tell you that when I get comments via the website, email, on Facebook or instant message it makes me feel good. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with me I just appreciate the input. To be honest I was glad to get the email this person sent even though I knew they didn’t read the entire post.

Some folks find something that they can glean from the post and they allow whatever is said to motivate or anger them and they make a comment. If we all agreed on everything this world would be very boring.

Over the years of my ministry I have seen and heard it all. I have had people leave the service after a message and say, “wow that was great” and someone else down the line would say, “ don’t let it get you down your next one will be better.” I had a sermon one time that I felt I really made a total mess of. Later that week I had someone come to my office and wanting to hear more about Christ because of something I said.

We don’t know if we are going to say something worthwhile or if we are going to bomb it. Usual my bombs are because I was too full of myself. I remember preaching a sermon entitled “I am Glad Our Church Needs Money”. It was a total waste but still God used it. I felt like a failure but God still got the glory.

Well, I want to thank you for dropping in and I hope you will come back tomorrow. BTW keep those comments coming!

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