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A Word About Depression

Many people experience depression from time to time. Some people react in different ways. I don’t think that just because someone has some depression that it means they are going to commit suicide or shoot up a shopping mall. I am not saying that it couldn’t happen I am just saying that just because someone has depression it doesn’t automatically mean that gloom and doom are here

When a person has depression they need to seek professional help if they are having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of doing something crazy like using a gun or a weapon improperly.

Many times depression is a form of sadness. A person can be sad and depressed a bit without having thoughts of doing harm to themselves or others. A person who allows the depression or sadness to overwhelm them could be asking for trouble. I feel that when we get depressed or discouraged we need to seek the face of God for comfort. Not everything is as bad as we imagine in our minds. Stop for a moment and allow your mind to empty all the negative thoughts and think about some things that are positive.

Don’t let depression control you. Satan will do everything he can to make you feel like your situation is hopeless but we can have hope in Jesus Christ. Allow the love of God to flow through you and you will see how quickly those thought will go away.

If you need prayer or encouragement find a Christian friend you trust and ask them to pray with you. I remember a time when I was very low I called my Dad and he prayed with me over the phone. After I got off the phone my spirit was renewed and I felt a renewed strength.

May God bless you today and keep looking up and trusting in the Lord as He is a good source of strength.

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