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Summer is Here

I know summer is here again when the temperatures soar and the girls start baseball again.  This year Jocelynn is playing baseball and Khelienah is playing soccer.  I can’t express how I feel about this because I will go into a long boring story.

The other night was another example of why I dislike these baseball nights.  The practice was a joke.  The coach stood around trying to decide what to do, then when she got all the players in a position on the field it started to thunder and lighting.  So everyone grabbed their stuff and ran to their cars.  We got to ours just in time as it began to pour rain.

I like summer when we can go camping, boating, and swimming.  To be honest with you I think the parents like these sports more than the kids do.  The grandparents (Me) just can’t take all this heat.

We have too many other activities that everyone expects us to be at and we have very little time for ourselves.

Not sure how you are doing with the heat but I am not taking it very good.  This year things are different than previous years as before when Kelly was running the clinic at the college, she had the summers off.  Now she only has off weekends and when she takes vacation.  She is also working some in PromptCare which is the clinic in her office.  She has her patients and then she covers for others when they take vacations and such.

Well, I am going to stop here and I am sure you are bored by now.  Sorry for the boring post but that is how this day or I should say yesterday worked out.  It was just one boring mess.

I will try to make tomorrows better so please come back.

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