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Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

I am a single mom with four kids and I don’t want to remarry as I am done with men.  I don’t mean that I am gay but I just don’t want to start another relationship with a man.  But I am concerned about my two boys and I think they should have a man in their lives.  Do you have any suggestions?

                             Mom of 4

Dear Mom of 4,

There are several things I can suggest.  First I think your Father their Grandfather could help some in that area unless you are not on good terms with him.  Also there is a program called Little Brothers where an older man mentors a younger boy.  They are very good at it and the program is very good at making sure they have quality and background checked people who mentor.  I would also suggest you might get him involved in sports.  Contact with other guys his age can also help.

                          Pastor Sam

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