Special Prayers Extended Today ( Scooter Ride)

Today I rode my scooter all over Alton, Bethalto, East Alton, Fosterburg, Wood River, and Edwardsville. I was thinking about the members of Pleasant View and so as I was riding I prayed for them.

The farthest I rode was to Edwardsville where Jack & Alma live. I had to be careful as I didn’t want them to think I was stalking them as they live on a dead-end street. I rode by and said a brief prayer for these two wonderful folks. They were very loyal members of Pleasant View while I was there.

Then as I was coming back I rode past John & Debbie’s house. I haven’t been to the house they are living in now but I knew where it was and so I wanted to say a prayer for them as they were great friends to me the years they were at Pleasant View. Then I went down over into Wood River and rode past Rhodi & Edith’s house. I know they were never happy with me but I wanted to say a prayer for them. Then I went on over to Rory & Rachel’s house and said a prayer for them. Because they live in the house Michael & Kathy use to live in it brought back memories of them.

Then I rode over and went down 12th Street and past Penny’s house which brought back memories of Dick and his wonderful spirit. Across the street was Elta’s house and memories popped into my head about Bill. Then I rode down pasted the church on 1st and Jennings and then headed up to Hillview where Ellen lives. Ellen was such a sweet lady and I have always been pleased as she checks on me from time to time. I stopped there and prayed for her. Then I came back down to Edwardsville Road and decided to go by Patsy’s house. I sure miss her loving spirit. I got to see her not long ago at her funeral. What a sad day that was. Then I went down to Pence and rode by Kay & Carl’s house. I prayed for both of them. Carl wasn’t a member of Pleasant View but he was nice to me over the years and I said a prayer for him. Kay was another loyal friend and I miss her.

Then I rode down the Beltline and went down 140 to Bethalto and rode by Dave & Eleanor’s house. She made so many sacrifices for our church. I was glad that a few years after I left we were able to make peace.

Then I came back to my house and stopped and got something to drink and then I went out to Fosterburg and rode pass Jim and Linda’s house. They are very sweet folks who have stayed in touch. Not long ago I saw Jim at Wal-Mart and he greeted me with a wonderful smile and I was glad to see him.

Then as I was driving back from Fosterburg I thought about Janice Miller who wasn’t a member but she was a loyal friend. I rode over pass her house on Rice Street in Wood River. Not sure if she still lives there but she was precious to me and I wanted to say a prayer for her. On my way home I rode by Dave & Maggie’s old house. I heard they moved but didn’t know where they moved but riding by their old house made me feel close to them. Both Dave and Maggie were sweet and precious folks. Their son Michael was a real jewel as well.

Then I came back home and put my scooter away and came in the house. God sure was good to me allowing me to be a part of these folks’ lives. May God bless each and every one of them.

I didn’t drive by David's house but I said a prayer for him. I am sure he misses Marcia and I know he disliked me with a very bitter spirit but I hope he gets his heart right before he must stand before God. I prayed for his three daughters and asked God to somehow work in their lives.

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