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Bend, Bow, Or Burn

I was thinking about dedication services when I thought about Nebuchadnezzar who built an image and decided to hold a dedication service. This was not your everyday dedication service.  Everyone had to attend and take part or they would be cast into the burning fiery furnace.  What a great incentive to get people there.  What I call this dedication is, “ Bend, Bow, or Burn”.  Most of the people that day didn't hesitate to bow when the music was played.  I said most because we see that three men refused to bow.  Their names were, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

They didn't bow because they were NOT going to worship the golden image as they were told to do.  They knew that to bow down would be a compromise of what they believed.  They could not give honor to any god except their God.  They told the King that their God would deliver them from the burning fiery furnace.

That must have took a great deal of guts to tell the King that.  They were not being rude they just were not willing to bow down and give honor to anyone or anything that was not their God.

King Nebuchadnezzar decided to offered them another chance to bow down but they refused and so they heated the furnace seven times hotter than it usually was heated.  They were then bound and cast into the fire.   The men who cast them into the fire were slain because of the extreme heat.

Then we see God delivered the three Hebrew children and they are walking around in the fire.  The King was surprised as he saw four men walking about in the fire.  He said ..." the form of the fourth is like the Son of God."  God walked with them through the fire.

Today I want to challenge you to not bow down to the many idols of this world because you are afraid of your friends making fun of you or someone laughing at you and calling you a nut.  Jesus will walk with you through the trials.

Maybe today you are going through some fires.  Maybe you have been tempted to compromise what you believe.  Remember that God will walk with you through the fire and He will deliver you just as He delivered these three Hebrew children.  What you must remember when you are going through tough times and times of testing is that God will NOT forget those who trust in Him.  Remember when it looks like there isn't a way out, God can still deliver.

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