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Memorial Day Weekend - 2018

I loaded the girl’s bikes in the back of the truck. I checked the pool and salt generator and pump seem to be working well.

I loaded all the food in the camper. Put the clothes in camper and put dog food and laptop in the truck.

Abby came over and was cleaning the house. I hooked up the popup to the Pacifica and I hooked up the camper to the truck.

Abby left to go get Oliver and all their clothes. I waited around; I was supposed to pick up the groceries from the store. Walmart has this pickup service that works really well. About an hour later Abby shows up and I left to go get food from the store. Kelly called and I couldn’t get a hold of Abby so I stopped at a light and told her to call her mom as she needed to go back and get her.

I got to the store and picked up the food and started up to the campground. I set up the camper and it was a bit of a problem. When Kelly and Abby got there it started pouring rain and so we waiting until the rained stopped to put the popup up. When they finally got it leveled we found out that the mice had made holes in the canvas of the popup so we put it back down. We re-hooked the popup up and Abby took it up to the school and she is going to take back to the house as it is not usable.

Later Abby and Oliver left to go back and take the popup back to the house. She didn’t come back as it was really later when they went.

Kelly and I got the girls into the camper and finally everyone went to bed. Then Kelly remembered we forgot to put the awning in so I went out and put it in. Then we got back into bed.

I woke up at 5:00am then next morning and took the dog out for a walk to do his business. I waited around and the girls woke up and came out of the camper. I got my laptop out and updated my journal and put the awning back out. It really didn’t give me any shade.

About 8:00am I made breakfast for the crew. Kelly, Khelienah, Jocelynn and I ate my family famous scrambled eggs. No real secret I just add a little cheese along with the other stuff I put in it. After we ate we cleaned up the camper a bit and then went outside with the dog.

Kelly and I worked on getting the water line cleared by flushing the water lines to get all the winterizing stuff out of the line. We have city water here so it went pretty fast. Then after I got the hot water filled I turned the water heater on.

We enjoyed the outside air as it was cool but not hot yet. The weather man says that it is going to get warmer today. We sat and enjoyed the morning air. Then I decided I was going to work on the camper jack. When we were adjusting the camper the rear driver’s side jack got bent. I had to take it off all the way and work on bending it back. One of the camp hosts came over and helped me work on it and we finally got it back on. It is not like new but it will work for now.

I went and washed the dishes as the water heater had heated the water up enough to wash the dishes.

As the weather warmed up we went inside to cool off. Jasper was glad to get out of the heat. He is a good camping dog because he is very flexible and he doesn’t bark at every dog that walks by. Also he stays right with me and doesn’t go running off.

Veronica and some of the other parents planned a water balloon fight for the kids. It was really neat as they had these new kind of water balloons that you hook up to the spicket and it fills the balloons and then a rubber band locks the balloon tight so they can be used. The kids really enjoyed the water balloon fight and because it had warmed up it helped them cool off.

Later we came inside and made sandwiches for lunch and the girls ate outside on the picnic table. Kelly and I ate in the trailer and tried to regroup from the heat.

Later after lunch I went to the store and picked up some ice and some butter and sweet relish. We always forget something and this time I forgot these items because they were in the refrigerator.

We relaxed and just took it easy the rest of the day. Kelly was reading her book and the girls were outside playing with the other neighbor kids.

Later Abby and Oliver headed back home. Abby was going to stop at the house and feed and water the birds. She has an early day at work tomorrow.

When it was getting later we called the girls in and I fixed supper. I made hotdogs for all of us and after dinner the girls played outside for a while and then Jocelynn went with Veronica and the other girls to the shower house. When Jocelynn got back from her shower I put the awing in and we got the girls into bed.

Then next morning I got up at 6:00am and took Jasper out for a walk. He did his business and we sat out in the fresh morning air. It is a very beautiful morning and it is very quiet out here. No traffic and all you can hear are the birds chirping. Nobody is awake as many of them stayed up late last night.

I slept good last night but Jocelynn was hogging the couch and so finally at about 2:00am I moved her feet over because I needed to stretch out my legs. After that I slept really well.

Probably everyone is going to sleep late. The girls were up later than usual because since they didn’t have to get up early we let them stay up later.

Kelly was reading a book till later so she will probably want to sleep a bit longer. I am on breakfast duty as when we are camping I do the cooking. Not sure what we are going to eat as I don’t have very many things I know how to cook. My cooking skills are very limited.

It started to warm up and so Jasper and I went back into the camper. To my surprise everyone was starting to wake up. I decided to make French toast and after I made it I realized we didn’t have syrup and the girls didn’t like them so I made scrambled eggs. I got the toaster out and made toast. Forgot to bring Kelly’s strawberry jam and so we only had butter for the bread. I thought we had bacon on the grocery list but somehow we forgot and it wasn’t on the list.

After breakfast we cleaned up in the camper and Kelly and I went outside with Jasper for a while and we were getting a cool breeze. I put the awing out and we sat outside until it started warming up and we decided to go in and cool off.

Kelly and I talked for a bit and I washed the dishes and we cleaned out the cabinets and tossed out some stuff that was too old. Then I went out and checked on the girls to see what they were doing and they were playing with the other kids and so I let them play.

I made up some tea for Kelly and then I put what was left over in one of the half gallon bottles that the chocolate milk was in. The girls drank that up and so it was empty.

The girls went out to play and Kelly was reading her book. I ran to the store and got some snacks and put some gas in Kelly’s car. Then when I got back Kelly and I talked a while and then we decided to pack up and go home.

We got everything packed up and we headed home. After we got home I put the camper into its regular spot and then we went and got into the pool. We swam for a while and then Kelly went in and took a shower and then the girls and I got out and I took a shower.

Then we went to I Hop for supper and we met Abby there. Afterwards we came home and I finished getting the camper off the hitch of the truck. Then I came in and I worked on Kelly’s I Pad that the girls locked up because they were trying to get on in and they didn’t know the password.

I couldn’t get it going so I told Kelly I would call Apple tomorrow and try to get it going. We both went to bed. The bed was really comfortable and I was looking forward to being in my own bed.

I got up at 6:45am on Memorial Day and went downstairs to get dressed. Then and went downstairs to start on the birds. I cleaned all the papers out of the cages and then when Kelly came down she vacuumed the floors and the cages and put new papers. We gave the birds showers and finished cleaning up the basement.

We went to Qbota’s for lunch and when we got home we started working on the yard. We mowed and cleaned up the yard and then we got into the pool and we swam for a long time and then we came in and took showers. Then I went upstairs and called Apple and I got Kelly’s I pad working again.

Later we went to Applebee’s for supper and then came home and watched one episode of Chicago Fire. Then we came up and went to bed. The Memorial Day holiday in now officially over.

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