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Motor Vehicle Office

Every year I have to renew my license I hate the trip to the motor vehicle office. For one it is crowded and I hate taking the written test. They always make me take the written test for a motorcycle even though I have a scooter. The test has questions about a clutch and I don’t have one on my scooter.

Well, I went in early on my anniversary so I could get it done before lunch as I promised to go to lunch with Kelly. Well, I passed the car written test and the eye test but failed the motorcycle test. I reviewed the questions I missed and decided to take it again. Well, I failed it again and that time it had a host of different questions.

I talked with the examiner and they said I had to take the motorcycle test and I asked if there was a different book. They gave me the motorcycle book and I took it home and studied.

Then I took Kelly out to lunch for our anniversary and after lunch I decided to go back again. Guess what? I failed it again and they had all new questions on the test. I left in a huff and when Kelly got home she said that I shouldn’t spoil our anniversary with sad talk about failing my motorcycle test. So we went out to Moonlight for dinner. We had a real nice meal and they brought us each a small cake to celebrate our anniversary. We ate at Moonlight on our wedding day before we went to our hotel and we sat one booth away from where we sat on that day. It was twenty years ago when we were there. The couple sitting in the booth where we sat on the day we got married were also celebrating their anniversary. I am not sure which one it was for them.

Well the next day I got up fresh and I had studied and was ready for the test. I went to the Motor Vehicle Office and took the test again. I failed it again which was the first on my second trip. (You get three chances each time you pay.) So the lady at the desk said she had a motorcycle guy fail it 12 times and finally passed it on the 13th time. I wasn’t pleased with that news. I took it again and failed it again. Needless to say I was not happy. All the people behind the desk knew how many times I had failed it already, Five times and if I failed it again I would have to pay again. Well, this next time I got all of the questions right. Thank goodness that is out of the way now for another four years.

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