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Criticizing Men Of God

The other day I opened a app that sends me information from time to time. When I first loaded it and began reading it I liked it so I liked it and they began sending it to me on a regular basis.

In recent months now I notice they seem to be undermining the Bible, and criticizing more than they do building up. Today they were cutting a well-known Pastor and just giving him the cut down.

I noticed they seem to be putting themselves up as the finally authority. They are doing more harm than they are doing help. Last month they were taking old hymns and tearing them apart, saying we shouldn’t sing them because the theology is wrong. I went over the songs word by word and I think they are full of baloney. Who are they to say that we shouldn’t sign them and that the theology is wrong? Maybe their theology is wrong!

Today when they because a cut down on a very good man of God I had my fill of their negative talk. If they were saying something constructive maybe I could understand it but they were just ripping him to shreds. Just because they disagree with him gives them no right to nitpick on his Bible teaching.

Recently I have noticed that their post are more negative than positive. I think everyone has a right to an opinion but many people look to them for leadership and they are just tearing apart the Bible, the hymnal, and the preachers.

I decided that I am no longer going to read their posts and I am deleting them off my Facebook. It is very sad that they are leading many down the wrong path.

I have never set myself up as the final authority and I express my opinion but I encourage people to think for themselves. It seems to me they keep trying harder and harder to stir of strife and discontentment.

When you read things on the internet you need to think for yourself and if what they are saying seems wrong, check it out and research it and talk with others and don’t just except it because it sounds interesting.

I believe this organization or person whoever they might be will have to give an account unto God for the damage they do.

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