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Our I Hop Experience

We went to I Hop on Mother’s Day with Abby and the girl’s.  They let the kids eat free if you have an adult for each child.  As soon as we walked I the door the hostess came up to me and said “you can’t have free meals for the kids today.  I told her we always did before and she said it is Mother’s Day and we are not honoring it.  We sat down and ordered and she was also our waitress and she seem very brash. Both Kelly and Abby noticed that she was not happy that we were there.  Then Kelly showed me the sign on the table.  It said, “Kids Eat Free EVERYDAY from 4pm-10pm”.  We looked all over the sign to see if there were any exceptions and there were none.

We finished our meal and the whole time she acted strange and we were not sure what her problem was.  When I went to pay I told her there was a sign on the table which said nothing about holidays or any exceptions and she acted rude and asked if I wanted her to ask the manager.  I told her yes and she took my credit card and bill into the back room.

When she returned she said the manager said we will allow it this time but that we should be aware they won’t allow it next time.

Then after she rang me up and I was signing my receipt she took the old receipt that had the survey you can fill out if you have a problem and I said I want that receipt and she acted like she was going to staple it to my new receipt.  They have never done that and I know she knew I was going to complain and so she wasn’t going to give it to me.  That made me even more want to go to and complain.

Well a couple days later I got a call but was not able to talk with whoever called from I Hop as I had the guy who was going to pump our Norweco out and another guy was delivering our new aerator for our Norweco.

When this Sunday night after Abby got off we decided to go back to I Hop again and see what happened.  We sat at the same table and we had a different waitress and she did a super nice job.  The waitress we had last time was around but didn’t take care of our table.

When it came time to pay they gave us the kids meals free this time and the manager rang me out and she began talking about last time what had happened.  I told her that the sign said, “Kids Eat Free EVERYDAY from 4pm-10pm” and she said it is not our policy to do that on holidays and I asked her why they had signs on the table on a holiday if they were not going to honor it?  She never answered me she just said next time we will not honor it on a holiday.  I told her then we wouldn’t come back on a holiday and she said , “Fine”.  Wow what a way to be treated!

Have you ever had a situation like this one happen to you?  Let me know I would be interested.

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