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Marriage To A Wonderful Person

This year I celebrate 20 years of marriage to the most wonderful woman in the world. Kelly has been a wonderful helpmate and she has been a faithful friend and partner. I am thankful for God who lead me to her and we were able to make a connection. The past 20 years have had bumps and we have had our ups and down and I would be lying if I said everything was perfect. We have our good days and we have had some bad days but God has always helped us through them.

Kelly has a trait that makes her a wonderful wife. She is trustworthy and loyal. We just got back from a wonder trip to the Smoky Mountains. It was like a second honeymoon for us and we had a super time for us.

We have had a great twenty years and we have gone through a great deal of things over these years. We have worked hard to help her children and my children over the years. They have become both of our children and we love each of them very much. She may not have given birth to my two children and I may not be the Father of her four children but we both have given them all of our love. We love each of them very much and we have tried to do our best to raise them as the best children that they can be.

I thank God for giving her to me and I am glad I have been able to spend the past twenty years with her. She has been the best partner anyone would want.

I am glad I am able to celebrate this twenty years with her. I am looking forward to the years we have left.

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