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Did You Lock Your Keys In The Car?

Several years ago I heard someone telling the story of how they came out of the mall and the person next to them was using a coat hanger to try and get into their car. The person thought they might be breaking into someone else’s car so they said, “Did you lock your keys in the car?” The person didn’t think their question was funny and so he shot back, “No, I am hanging out my laundry.”

We ask stupid questions all the time. We usually know the answer to the question we just want to verify that what we are asking is true. The most important question we might ask someone is, “Do you know for sure where you are going when you die?” I asked that question the other day and the person I ask acted like I was asking a stupid question. Nobody can know where they are going after they die was their response. Praise God we have the answer of how they can know where they are going after they die and we can share it with them so they can be sure they are going to Heaven and not Hell.

Many people don’t really think about what is going to happen to them after they die and as a Christian we ought to share with them the good news that Jesus died and paid for their sins so they can have eternal life.

If you are reading this and don’t know where you are going when you die, I beg of you to call upon the Lord to save you from your sins before it is eternally too late. Jesus died that you might have life and have it more abundantly.

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