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Children Obey Your Parents

Anyone who is raising children in this day and time has a real challenge. The Bible teaches children to obey their parents and it is important that we teach them this valuable lesson. The young people of today are a new breed and the challenge to teach them right is much bigger than it was 25 years ago.

While shopping in the store the other day I heard a young girl talking to her mother. If I had talked to my mother or father in the manner she was I would have gotten my face slapped. She told her what a loser she was and that she was a bad parent because she wasn’t going to give her what she wanted. She called her a few bad names. The sad part is the mother gave in to the girl and gave her what she wanted.

I believe the Bible teaches that children ought to obey because it is the right thing to do. God demands it and they should do it. The Bible promises that those who honor their father and mother will have a longer life and things will go better for them than those who don’t.

Another thing we need to consider is that a Father should provoke their children to wrath. In this day and time the way the young people are treated will also affect how they respond to discipline. We as parents are to love them and teach our children right but we must be careful that we don’t provoke. I am not saying that we can’t say “no”. I feel that the parent that gives a child everything they want or ask for is asking for trouble. We must use Godly principles and teach them as they grow. Don’t start when they become a teenager, start when they are born.

I am sure you have seen the TV commercial where the mother is talking to the baby in the highchair about smoking. This may seem unreasonable but this is where the training should start. If you talk to them from a young age and keep doing it through their entire life you will be able to better teach and make them understand what you are trying to say.

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