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Update for Yesterday's Post

I got several emails about my post yesterday about my thoughts.  Thank you for your response.  I think I need to clear up something as I can tell from all the e-mails that my post was not read correctly.

I said that I preached at two of the churches my Dad had previously Pastored.  I guess I wasn’t clear so I want to make sure I am now.

I preached at these churches many years after my Dad had left the churches.  Grace Missionary Baptist Church invited me back to preach at their final service before they closed the doors.  That was a very emotional service and I was honored they ask me.  Village Baptist Church was between Pastors and they ask me to fill the pulpit for them during this time and I was honored to do so.  This was before I went to Baraboo to Pastor.

I hope this will clear the air for those of you who wrote wondering about it.  The first time I preached at Village Baptist Church was as a teenager for Youth Night which became Youth Morning because my Dad was in the hospital after an incident with a horse.  The time I was talking about in my post yesterday happened many years after my Dad had left Village Baptist Church.  I hope this clears up the questions I got in your emails.

I preached for my Dad down in Texas but that was because he invited me, I didn’t preach there after he left there.  I also just remembered something that was reminded to me in one of the emails.  I also preached at First Baptist Church of Round Lake after my Dad had left the church.  I had forgotten about that I preached for the Pastor when he was on vacation.  That is why I like your input you help to clear things up when I miss something.  Thanks for you emails.

Hope you stop by again tomorrow for some more interesting stuff that is coming up.  Later this month I am celebrating 20 years of marriage to Kelly.  I am writing a special post about that.

I also have a post coming up about how to beat depression with praise.  You won’t want to miss that one.  I wrote a devotion many years ago when I was at Baraboo for Call To Glory and I got some great reviews and so I spiced it up and am posting it on my blog so you can read it if you didn’t see it in the Call To Glory.

Okay keep up the comments I love them they help keep me going and they are a real encouragement to me.

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