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Praise Defeats Depression

Have you ever woke up defeated and depressed? You look in the mirror and you think, “How am I going to make it through this day?” Satan is the master of defeat and depression. More than anything he would like to see us sink low into to depression.

What we must do is rise over the depression and defeat it. How can we do that? Praise defeats depression time and time again. If you put a smile on your face and wipe the frown off your face you will feel the load of depression lifted from your shoulders. As you look in the mirror tell yourself, “I’m happy!” If after looking at your face in the mirror while saying that three or four times you don’t laugh then you aren’t saying it with meaning. Tell yourself you are happy. Praise God for all the wonderful things that are going on in your life. If you say nothing good is going on, I want to remind you of a few. Praise God for the air you are breathing, praise God for the food you eat, praise God for life He has given you, praise God for the hair on your head (or in my case the skin on my head), praise God for the Sun and Moon and so on. I promise if you will lift up your voice and praise the Lord you will defeat depression. How can we be down when there is so much to be thankful for?

As we go through the day we must praise God for all His blessings. Thank Him for all He does as you go through your day. Before you know it you will find your depression gone.

Several years ago I found myself going to the store and I was a bit discouraged. I knew when I got there I was going to have to walk from the north forty (a term my wife and I use for “a long way from the door”). But to my surprise there was a parking spot right by the door. I began to praise God for the parking spot. Some of the passing people thought I was nuts but I praised the Lord. By the time I got into the store I was a changed man. I was joking with other people standing nearby and I had forgotten my problems and depression and was excited about praising the Lord.

In my Dad’s case he would be praising God for the parking spot in the “north forty” because it would give him that extra exercise he needs or wants. He would also say that I ought to praise God for the the parking spot in the “north forty” because I need the exercise. Whatever the case find something you can praise God for and you will find that it will relieve that depression.

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