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My View On The Cancer Cure

I know that I am going to get more emails saying I am crazy but what I am going to say in my blog today I truly believe. You can decide on your own what you think.

I believe they have a cure for cancer but they are not allowing it to be used fully. If they cured cancer then hundreds of cancer centers would be out of business. They use some of the methods for those who have big bucks to pay but for the folks who are scrapping by they don’t have any hope.

I have heard stories if folks who were treated for cancer and they were cured by some plant that is now being used by some to treat cancer. The big drug companies are fighting the release of this information because it would cost them billions in drug sales if people had another cheaper cure.

The drug companies don’t want a cure to be found and those who have been researching have been silenced and I have heard of some researchers dying mysteriously.

This is my view and you can take it or leave it. Many of those who are in the know are aware of this but they do not have the means or desire to push an investigation.

There are other diseases that I think could be cured but if they did they would cost the drug companies billions and they are going to fight anyone who tries to put these types of things on the market.

Again this is just my view but I truly believe it.

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