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A Merry Heart

I am always thrilled to see the truth of the Bible in daily events. We live in a world that is filled with stress and anxiety. The Bible tells us that a “merry heart doeth like a medicine”. It has been my experience to see many people in the last stages of their lives. As I observed these people I noticed many of them spent their time being happy. What I observed was the fact that they continued to live and many times were free from major sickness. I remember one such lady who was over 94 years old. She was living in her own home and taking care of herself and even cooking her own meals. I remember one day while I was visiting with her that I ask what she felt was the contributing factor for her long life. She told me that she made each day a day filled with joy and cheer. She said she avoided talking negative about anyone. Her life was filled with either making others happy or thinking about good things. At 94 she was still baking pies for her neighbors and friends and she continued to keep busy and each time I saw her she always had a smile on her face and she was filled with joy.

It wasn’t until she turned 97 that she finally died. I was able to be by her side the day she died. She talked of Heaven and she was excited. Her heart was filled with joy and one thing I will never forget is that she told me she had very little pain throughout her life. She said “I was too happy and too busy for pain.” The many years I knew this dear lady I had experienced sickness and pain. I can’t remember very many times she was sick. I can also remember many times she called sick folks in the Church and community and cheered them up. She would tell funny stories that would make people laugh. I remember one man telling me that she had called him while he was in the hospital. He told me that he laugh so hard that he forgot that he was sick. He was soon out of the hospital and he always attributed his quick recovery to her phone call.

Sometimes the best medicine is for us to have joy and happiness. I find that when I am happy I have fewer health problems. It seems that health problems occur when the stress level is up and the joy of the Lord is low. I would like to encourage each and everyone to know that good cheer, happiness, and a merry heart will be the best medicine you can have.

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