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Question Of The Day

I have a question for my readers. I hope that you will take time to read this and that you will respond.

In the news over the pasted weeks we have seen attacks on all types of people. Some who I don’t care about and some who I do care about. I think they should all be treated the same. I don’t think it is fair to dig into ones past and try to find dirt on them for political gain. What people have done in their past is done. I think if they killed someone they should be made to be judged for that but who they slept with or how many times they have be divorced is in the past.

There are many politicians who have committed a host of crimes much worse than others who and they are not made to pay for their crimes and yet others who have committed no crime but make some bad choices are ridiculed in the media. Is this really fair? I don’t care if they are Republican or Democrat. I don’t care if they have no political party. Everyone has to pay taxes but if you are in politics or have someone in politics that will cover your butt you can get away with it. If I don’t pay my taxes they charge me interest and if I do it too long they will throw me in jail.

I have seen people who flirted with people and now they are being charged with sexual harassment. I do believe that sexual harassment is wrong but my goodness I can’t see waiting over 25 years to report it. I have seen both some who I like and some who I despise charged for this incident and many lose their jobs and so on.

People are being fired for making jokes about it. If someone had the power to fire me they would because of what I am saying. Where has the freedom of speech gone? I think it is getting out of hand. I know someone who I consider a friend who make a remark on Twitter and said it is a joking manner and he got fired from his job. I know others who have said things worse who nothing has happened to them.

Where is our world going? In the trash? Will any of my reader be bold enough to respond? You can post on my web page, email me, or post on my Facebook. Just have guts enough to speak the truth.

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