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Update on Hot Water Heater Saga

Randy pushed Kelly to use his friend plumber to put in the water heater so I called and canceled the one I had set up. It was set up that he was coming at 2:00pm on Friday. I went over and waited for him and he never showed up. I waited and waited and finally gave up. After calling Randy he says that the guy had an emergency and would come on Saturday. When we finally got the time we were told Saturday morning at 9:00am. Kelly and I got over there at 8:30am and cleaned up the area for him to install the water heater. We waited until 9:30am and he was a no show again. I contacted Randy and he said the time was a ballpark time (whatever that means). We waited until noon and Kelly said I could try and get someone else. I called several I had considered when I was trying to schedule someone before Randy got his friend. I finally got Aaron’s Plumbing and he said he would be out and since we had the Water Heater already and the expansion tank he would put it in for $250. That was a hundred less than Randy’s guy. He said he would be out between 3pm-4pm. Guess what? He showed up on time and put the heater in. He only charged me $250 even though he replaced pipe and valves. I gave him three hundred because he did a good job and showed up when he said.

So the water heater is fixed and now we have a situation at our house. I won’t go into it but I have a load of work ahead to get this mess cleaned up.

Thanks for dropping by for the hot water heater saga. Hope you will come again and join us for another day at the Martin household. We have loads of fun.

Just a side note… yesterday was Mother’s Day and we had temperatures in the low 90’s. In our area it hit 93 and we were burning up. WE finally turned on the air conditioning as it was unbearable. I wanted to jump in the pool but I don’t have it ready yet. I hope to have it ready by Memorial Day. I guess I am going to have to scoot it I am going to get that done.

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