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The Hot Water Heater

When I got to Abby’s house the other day water was all over the floor in the back room where she keeps the dogs. After trying to find where the problem was I found out it was the Hot Water Heater. The shut off valve was locked up and I couldn’t get it shut. I ran to Dollar General to pick up some WD-40 because Abby never has anything like that when you need it. I sprayed the valves and tried to get them closed. I had to make another run to the Dollar General as Abby didn’t have a flashlight in the house and we need someone to crawl under the house to see if we could shut off the main water shut off to stop the water from pouring out. Finally with Ryan Erwin’s help we got the valve turned off. Several of the other guys who were there helped drain the water out of the tank so we wouldn’t get more water on the floor.

Finally we got the water cleaned up and everything shut off and Kelly and I went home.

Now I am working to try and get someone out to replace the water heater. Everyone is trying to take advantage of the situation as they look at it as a way to make a fast buck. We need to get a hot water heater soon and they know that we are desperate so they see it as a way to take advantage. I got several bids and each were in my thought very high. Then I also had a guy who was not a plumber but a handyman who wanted me to run to Home Depot and pick up a hot water heater and meet him at the house and he would put it in for a big payday. He would make over 100 an hour if I have it figured right.

Well nothing is set in stone at the time I am writing this but we hope to have it done before the night is over or tomorrow so I will leave it at that.

I left you hanging and so you don’t know what happened but I will let you know in a couple of days how we made out so say in touch by reading the blog.

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