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A Real Church With A Real Pastor

Several years ago when I was on the internet I was checking out yahoo and I went to a Christian chat room. I was surprised to find that the room was filled with many Christians. Then I got a message that said, “Are you a real Pastor.” I had never pondered this question before and so I ask myself if I was a real Pastor. Yes, I told myself I was a real Pastor. I asked what they considered a “real Pastor” and I was told that a “real Pastor” was a person who was ordained and a Pastor of a real church. Then I had to ask what a “real church” was. To my surprise I was told it was a building where people met to worship God. After pondering this experience I have come to the conclusion that many Christians don’t know what a “real Pastor” is or what a “real church” is.

A “real Pastor” is a man who has been called of God to serve in the ministry of the Lord. Ordination is good but I know many men who have been ordained but I do not believe they have truly been called of God to be a Pastor. They may even Pastor a “real church” but they haven’t truly received the call of God to the ministry. A “real Pastor” needs the calling of the Lord and if he has it he can have the power of God in his life.

A “real church” is not a building where people come to worship God. The “real church” is a group of baptized believers who have been scripturally baptized. What this means is they accepted Christ as their Savior and then followed the Lord in believers baptism (which is baptism by emersion) and then they became a member of the local church. Thus they are the “real church”. The building they meet in is not the church it is the building that houses the church. I have heard of churches that meet in tents, houses, apartments, motels, funeral homes, store front buildings, nursing homes, libraries, schools, and so on. The building wasn’t the church, the baptized believers was the church the place they meet only housed the church.

Are you part of a “real church”? Do you have a “real Pastor”? If not, why not re-evaluate your situation.

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