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My Aunt Tye

I just got the news that my Aunt Tye passed away. I am thankful for the many years she lived and the impact she had on my life. My Dad and his brother and sisters were all good to me. As each one of them dies it takes a small piece of my heart. I love each one of them and I know everyone has their time but I am going to miss them.

I contacted my siblings with the news and I told my son Paul. I am always grateful for his caring attitude and I love him so very much. He promised to pass the word on to Faith since she won’t allow me to have any contact with her.

So now all of my Aunt’s on my dad side are gone. I have a special aunt on my mother’s and she has been good to me also. I have an uncle on my dad’s side, Uncle DB. He has been a real warrior for the Lord and I am proud of him.

My Dad has been good to me and I am thankful for his teaching and care over the years. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone.

My Aunt Tye has a special lady and she will be missed by the family and Kelly and I know she is in Heaven with those who have gone on before her.

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