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At the writing of this post I have been in the ministry 34 years. Over these years I have seen many things that disturbs me but the one that disturbs me most is the way the Church treats their Pastor. Pastors don’t usually preach messages encouraging their people in the way they should treat the man of God. If they did many would get in an uproar.

In my years in the ministry I have seen many good men of God leave the ministry hurt and torn apart at the way they were treated. The people in the church go to their jobs each week and work their 40 hours or so they come home and attend Church on Sunday, maybe Sunday night if the Pastor is blessed and they feel they have done their duty. Every year they expect their employer to give them a cost of living raise and they expect to have decent benefits. On the other hand when it comes to the Church budget they put the Pastor on the bottom of the list. (Note: This is not all Churches and if you are good to your Pastor I am not talking about you.) Many times if cuts must be made the Pastor is the one who receives them. I know because I have been there.

Yet while the people of the Church are sitting home watching TV or out eating in the local Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, or Hardee’s, the Pastor is sitting home praying for his people, preparing a sermon for next Sunday, counseling someone in distress, working on his Bible lessons for Wednesday, or something else that he must get done. And all the while you are eating or doing whatever you are doing, how often do you say, “I wonder what our Pastor is doing?” When was the last time you took him and his family out to dinner? Or when was the last time you had him over for dinner? Let’s take it one step farther, when was the last time you did anything special for your Pastor?

Stop and think today! Is your Pastor hurting financially? Is your Pastor in need of some sweet fellowship? How much does a card cost to let him know you care? Isn’t it time we show our Pastor’s that we do really care?

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