Have You Ever Had Your Feeling Hurt?

Someone was telling me the other day that someone was making fun of how much they weighed. They had their feelings hurt. I think that a person’s weight is their own business. I do think that we need to be concerned about our weight and I exercise and watch what I eat and I hope you do too but I don’t ask people how much they weigh or tell them they need to lose weight. Jf you really want to get yourself in trouble ask a woman about her weight. I learned my lesson the hard way. Ladies don’t like talking about their weight. The other day I saw someone I thought had gained some weight. I wasn’t sure if she was pregnant or just had a beer belly. Well, I wasn’t about to ask her the two dollar question.

Well, I am going to stop for now and get this posted to my blog and I do hope you have enjoyed reading it. Please feel free to send me your comments. Also I want to remind you about my Saturday column “Dear Pastor Sam”. I have been getting some good letters. Maybe you can write one. Until next time.

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