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A Brother Overtaken In A Fault

In the past few weeks I have been observing how other Christians react to a brother or sister who has been “overtaken in a fault”. I am sorry to report that I don’t think they have opened their Bibles to find out what God wants them to do. What I have seen is Christian brothers and sisters attacking their brother or sister and not even try to restore them.

One question I want to ask the Lord when I get to Heaven is concerning the way Christians treat other Christians who have fallen. As a young person I was taught when someone falls to help them up. While they are on the ground it is possible that they could become injured worse if someone doesn’t help them.

I remember one year while I was at a Pastor’s School in Hammond, Indiana I went very early in order to get a good seat. Once the doors were open it was like a mad rush to get a seat. On this one incident I fell in the isle and they just walked over me some even stepping on me. My glasses were bent and damaged in the incident. My clothes were torn and I was bruised where I had been stepped on. If it hadn’t been for a kind lady who stood in the isle, I might have been hurt worse. Many of those rushing to get a seat at least had respect to not run this lady over and so they went around her and thus I was able to get up and out of the way.

When a Christian is hurt they are in a position of helplessness and they need someone to reach down and help them up. Where are those who are spiritual to restore them in a spirit of meekness?

Back in 1990 I was talking with another Pastor about a fallen brother. This is what he said, “We need to distance ourselves from him so nobody thinks we condone what he has done.” Well, I didn’t take that advice. I put my arm around that fallen brother and told him I loved him. I made sure he understood I did not agree with what he did. But I let him know I wanted to be there for him. Praise God, he was restored but even to this day many of his peers will have nothing to do with him. What is wrong with us that we can’t help the fallen?

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