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Selling Stuff On Line

Recently Kelly has asked me to get rid of some of our stuff that we don’t use or don’t need anymore. We have tried selling in a garage sale and it was just not working.

She introduced me to selling on line on what is called garage sale sites. I was able to get our four-wheeler sold and we got a fair price. We had some stuff the grandkids out grew and we sold that as well. I have miscellaneous tools I have collected over the years and we have turned the internet into a way to make some extra bucks off stuff we no longer use.

I was wondering if any of my readers have tried this new thing that almost makes the yard sale not necessary.

This past week I got rid of a lot of electrical stuff we had left over from our remodel and I had plumbing stuff we didn’t use and most of the stuff was too old to return to the store. Yesterday I found a bunch of screwdrivers that I no longer use and I put them in a box and sold them.

Sure would like to hear your take on this type of selling. This is done through Facebook and is not like Craig’s List and the people you sell to you kind of know who they are as they many times are on your friends from Facebook.

Will be waiting to hear your comments and suggestion.

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