Writer's Block

I didn’t know what writers block was but now I think I understand. I opened my blog today and I have been struggling to find something to write. I guess I could bore you with talk about the good weather. We have seen the weather warming up the last several days and I enjoy the warmer weather. To be perfectly honest I like summer better than winter. I am also sick of these April showers. I am ready for the May flowers.

The lawn is growing and the grass is growing by leaps and bounds. That is the bad part of summer. This past weekend we had a great warm up and we worked in our rock garden. We have a memorial rock garden in the front of our house and we re-rocked it and put down heavy plastic to keep the weeds out. It was a nasty job but I got a nice section done and it looks really nice.

I have also been working on getting the water off the pool cover so we can get the pool opened. I can’t wait until we get warm weather so we can swim again.

Well, drop in tomorrow and see if my writers block is gone. I hope this doesn’t last a long time as I don’t like it.

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