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Be An Encourager

One day while waiting for my wife as she was making a visit I sat in the car.  I rolled my window down and sat under a shade tree.  Not far from me an event was happening that I had never seen before.  A mother bird was pushing her babies out of the nest.  The little bird flew a little and landed on the ground.  The mother came over and flapped her wings at the young bird and finally the little bird tried to fly again.  The little bird flew up and away and then back to the ground.  Again and again the little bird was encouraged to fly by its mother.  After some time finally the baby bird was flying on it own.

This reminded me of how a new Christian begins their new life in Christ.  At first they hesitate but with some encouragement from a fellow Christian Brother or Sister they begin to try out their wings.  It seems hard at first to witness and to follow the Lord’s direction, but before long they are doing it all by themselves.  If they aren’t pushed and encouraged to move they might remain in the nest just like the little bird.

Are you like the baby bird? Are you afraid and unsure of yourself?  Try your wings they will work.  If you are an older Christian, don’t be afraid to push and encourage the new Christian to try out their wings.

As a mother is concerned about her babies learning to fly and learning to make it on their own, so we should also be concerned about baby Christians learning to grow and make it on their own.  There is a big wild world out there and as a new Christian goes out into the world they will face many new temptations and they need someone to guide them.  One of the sad things that is happening in our Churches today is that new Christians are not taught and nurtured as they should be.  We can’t allow new Christians to flounder and not grow and be able to get on their two feet.  It is important we work with them until they can make it on their own.

The time I spent watching that mother bird with her baby sure spoke to me and I hope you will learn a lesson from it too.  Help nurture a young Christian in your Church.  Encourage them and help them to try out their new wings.

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