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Flooding We Saw Here About 15 Years Ago

About 15 years ago our area got a great deal of rain.  My wife at that time was a Home Health nurse, and had to go into an area that has been damaged badly by flooding.  (Now she is a Nurse Practitioner.)   Because of her fear of water I decided to ride with her on this visit.  It seemed like it took forever as we had to drive around one of the towns because the town was flooded.  We finally found a bridge that was open and we crossed the river so we could get to her patients house.  As we drove down the road both sides of the road had water that was creeping up on the road.  Houses on both sides of the road were almost completely covered with water.  We could see some of the tops of some of the houses but the roads leading to them and the yards were completely flooded.

As I observed these houses and property that was damaged I couldn’t help but think about the families that had to abandon their homes for safer ground.  Many had lost all their earthly processions and some had cars that were covered with water in the driveways.  I noticed toys floating around the area and I wondered what they must be feeling in this time of trouble.

Another interesting thing I noticed was that everyone in the area was affected by the flood waters.  There were nice houses flooded out and there were houses that were in need of repair before the flood water that were flooded out too.  It also appeared that nobody was ready for the area to flood.  This area has seen flooding over the years but hasn’t been hit bad since 1993, so many just forgot what the flood waters could do.

We must not forget who is in control and we must not allow our pride and vanity to overcome us to the point where we forget that God is in control and we must trust Him for guidance.

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