Old Faithful

Yellowstone National Park has a famous geyser named "Old Faithful"  The park has many geysers but "Old Faithful" is best remembered because Oswall Russell a trapper made records of it's eruptions.  It erupts for about four minutes every six-five minutes and it shoots into the air from 120 to 150 feet high.  "Old Faithful" attracts crowds because of it's faithful eruptions.  Some of the other geysers are bigger and more spectacular, but because they don't erupt on a regular schedule they are usually passed by.

"Old Faithful" magnifies lessons we need to learn about faithfulness.  We as Christians cannot be effective unless we are faithful in what we have been given to do by God.

The reason "Old Faithful" erupts is because of an inner fire.  If it were not for that fire it would not be world famous.  Our relationship with Jesus Christ should keep a fire within in us causing us to want to share the gospel with everyone we meet..

"Old Faithful" is not located in the most convenient location.  It takes several hours for people to get there but they keep coming as they know "Old Faithful" will erupt on time.  The faithfulness of this geyser is what causes people to come time and time again.  If our Churches and Pastors are faithful in our teaching and preaching we can also be as effective as this geyser.

"Old Faithful" will pour itself out each time it erupts.  Because it empties itself it must be filled time and time again.  If we are going to be faithful we must be continually filled and filled with the power of God in our lives.  We need to learn to become like the geyser, "OLD FAITHFUL".

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