My Experience Preaching In Junior Church

One Sunday when I was Junior Church Pastor I was preaching in the Junior Church and I wanted to illustrate when Abraham took Isaac up on the mountain to offer sacrifice.  God had told Abraham to offer Isaac as the sacrifice.  To illustrate I took a boy from the group and we pretended to be Abraham and Isaac.  When it came to the sacrifice and I put him on a bench that I was using as an altar that we built to offer our sacrifice.  I told him God told me to offer him as the sacrifice.  Then I took a pencil out of my pocket as a knife and pretended I was going to kill him and then God provided a lamb as a sacrifice.

Dr. Delashmit called me to his office the week after I told his story to my junior church.  He said I must made the story too real as one of the kids told their parents I took out a knife and was going to kill the boy and then God provided a lamb to take his place.  I had to go meet with the parents and explain that I used a pencil and I wasn’t killing anyone.  I had the opportunity to tell the parents the story of Abraham & Isaac and share the gospel with them.  They said I made the story become so real that their son when he was telling them made it sound like I took out a knife and was going to stab the boy but God stopped me.

After that I toned down my storytelling a bit as I didn’t want unhappy parents.  I tried to still make the stories exciting but with a bit less violence.

Have you ever had an experience like that?  I would love to hear about it.

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