The word courage is a word that we don’t use very much. I think that we all lack the courage we wished we had. Sometimes we would like to have the courage to tell someone what we really think of what they are doing but we don’t because we don’t have courage. We are afraid that they will not like what we are saying and it might cause a problem between us. So we grin and bear it and go on as though nothing happened. Was the situation rectified? I don’t think so.

I totally understand this action as I have been there many times. We know if we say what we think it is going to cause a real problem. We don’t want to rock the boat and cause a problem so we just let it ride. The problem lies down the road when for some unknown reason your true feelings come out and that person wants to know why you didn’t say something before.

Now you have to explain that way back when, that you disagreed, but you didn’t say anything. How do you tell them that you knew if you voiced your opinion it would have caused a problem?

Let me tell you from someone who has experienced this time and time again, there isn’t a real good answer for this. The only answer is courage which you lack. You have to have courage and say what you think or face the consequences when you are finally faced with it.

I have found myself in a heap of trouble because I didn’t have the courage to really say what I think. So what I am going to encourage you to do is decide now which of the two ways do you want this to end up. Then make your decision based on how you want the situation to end up.

I know that may not sound like good advice but you are the one that must face the consequences of courage or not.

Hope that this has helped you. Thanks for thinking about this thought.

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