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Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

I have been struggling with the idea of divorce. I am not having an affair and neither is my husband. I am just unhappy and wanting a change. I will be faithful to my husband until I get divorced but I was wondering what you think about it? Since you have gone through a divorce I thought maybe you could shed some light upon it.

Unhappy In Illinois

Dear Unhappy,

Please don’t use me as an example. My wife had an affair with a deacon in my first church and then after he dumped her she started living with a guy younger than her son. Then she finally after she divorced me hooked up with a guy from Pakistan.

What you need to do is seek some counseling and find out why you are unhappy. Sometimes people just get bored or are too lazy to work at the marriage. You ought to do everything you can to save the marriage. God will not bless your next marriage if you just exit it because you are not happy. It takes two people giving 100% to make a marriage work. I think you will find that you can work out those differences if you make an effort.

Don’t give up without a fight and realize that God will help you through this difficult time. Divorce is expensive and destroys families’ and your children will also get hurt as they will be put in the middle.

Pastor Sam

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