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I just wanted to post an update on the feature I have been doing on Saturdays, my “Dear Pastor Sam” column. I am glad to say it has been well received and I have been getting many of you writing with your questions or seeking advice and I appreciate it. I have noticed that I have had many new visitors checking it out and I had one write in. Please don’t be afraid to write in and ask a question or seek advice.

I was hoping I would get something I could post around Mother’s Day but I haven’t gotten anything so unless something comes in soon I will just post one of the regular letters. I had a former member from my church in Baraboo drop in by accident to my website and then he sent me a message on my page and as I told everyone I don’t save the messages or print them and I deleted it by accident. Actually, I was trying to copy it so I could read it and I hit the wrong key. I do hope he comes back and contacts me again. After he moved from Baraboo he moved to South Bend, IN and I think he lives in Lakeville, IN now. He said in his message he was trying to get in touch with me and so I hope he doesn’t give up. I am praying for him and his family and they meant a great deal to me and we lost touch after he moved away.

Hey, Glenn if you are out there please send me another message so I can get in touch with you.

Well, I am going to sign off for today and I hope you come back tomorrow.

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