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My Anniversary Of My Ordination - 34 Years

Thirty-four years ago today I was ordained at my first church in Baraboo, Wisconsin. I remember it as if it was yesterday. My Dad had come from Texas to be on my ordination counsel. I was excited that he was able to come. I wished he could have preached the charge to the candidate but my home church which I came from before moving to Wisconsin planned the entire service. Rev. Robert Parnell preached the charge to the candidate and my dad Rev. Sam Martin, Sr. preached the charge to the church. It meant a great deal to me that my Dad was able to come and be a part of the ordination counsel.

On that day I had my first funeral. It was an exciting day that I had been looking forward to for many years and I was excited that my first church would be the place it would be held. I spent 16 years at my first church and I had many wonderful memories there.

Thirty-four years seems like an eternity but I enjoyed every moment I was able to serve my Lord and Savior. I preached many sermons over those years and if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit I would have never been able to do what I was able to accomplish during those years.

If you were a part of any of any my ministries I thank God for you and I it was my honor to serve. My prayer is that God will use each person to the fullest in His service.

God bless each and everyone.

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